(Top 51) Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women (2023 Updated)

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in the world. If you are looking for inspiration for your tattoo design and you love nature? Then flower tattoos can be perfect for you. If you existing a tattoo then you can combine it with a flower tattoo to make it more attractive and beautiful.

There are so many different types of flower tattoos available which you choose from. Here we have collected some amazing and beautiful flower tattoos for females.

Flower Tattoos

You can also combine various flowers into one tattoo design. There are different colours of flowers available. Also, you can choose flowers depending on their meanings.


Every flower represents different things. Each flower has a different meaning. It is also depending on the colour, type of flower, and geographical region.


Here are some popular flowers types and their meanings

Rose flower: It has a variety of meanings depending on its colour such as Red Rose represent passionate love, Blue rose express fascination. Yellow rose represents joy, familiar love, and devotion. Black Rose represents evil and death. Orange Rose represents excitement and enthusiasm, Peach Rose expresses genuine friendship.


There are also many other meanings of rose. As sailors, they use rose tattoos to honour their wives, and girlfriends, while far on the seas. In different cultures it has different symbols as in Greek culture, it is considered a symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of eternal love, transcending space and time.

Lotus: The lotus flower also considers a popular flower tattoo design. Because of its gorgeous visuals. Lotus flower symbolizes spiritual rebirth as, in Buddhism, and Hindusim. Lotus flower also expresses the ability to rise from the mud bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.


We will add more details about the meanings of flower tattoos soon. So be ready for that.

1. Dragon + Flower Mix

Flower + dragon tattoo

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Flower + snake tattoo

3. Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

Flower tattoo on shoulder


Flower tattoo on shoulder

5. Yellow Flower Tattoo on Chest

Flower tattoo on chest


Chest flower tattoo

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Chest flower tattoo


Chest flower tattoo

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9. Small Sun Flower on Back

Flower tattoo on back


flower tattoo on back for females

11. Leaf Vines Tattoos on Fingers

flower tattoo on finger


flower tattoo on finger

13. Black Rose Tattoo on Hand

Rose flower tattoo on finger


Rose flower tattoo on hand

15. Baby Breath Flower on Back Neck

flower tattoo on side neck


back neck flower tattoo

17. Rose Flower Tattoo on Groin

Red flower tattoo on groin


Thigh tattoo flower for females

19. Purple Flower Tattoo

flower tattoo on groin for females


flower tattoo on groin for females

21. Flower Tattoo on Thigh

Side thigh flower tattoo


Thing flower tattoo for women

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Thing flower tattoo for women


Thing flower tattoo for women

25. Rose Tattoo on Arm

flower tattoo on upper arm


Flower tattoo on forearm

27. Colorful Flower Tattoo on Leg

flower tattoo on ankle


flower tattoo on foot

29. Colorful Flower Tattoo on Foot

flower tattoo on foot


Ankle flower tattoo


Flower tattoo on ankle

32. Rose Flower Tattoo Underboob

Flower tattoo underboob


Flower tattoo underboob

34. Beautiful Flower Tattoo on Stomach

Stomach flower tattoo


Flower tattoo on rib cage

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36. Quotes + Flower Tattoo on Back

flower tattoo on back for females


flower tattoo on back for females

38. Large Flower Tattoo on Back

Rose flower tattoo on back for females


Rose flower tattoo on back for females

40. Arm Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoo on forearm


shoulder flower tattoo

42. Butterfly + Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

shoulder flower tattoo


shoulder flower tattoo

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shoulder flower tattoo


flower tattoo on back

46. Red Flower Tattoo on Rib

flower tattoo on stomach


Rib flower tattoo

48. Small Flower Tattoo

flower tattoo on neck


behind the ear rose tattoo


flower tattoo on back for females

51. Small Flower Tattoo on the Ear

flower tattoo on ear