40+ Best Dragon Tattoos for Women [2020]

Dragon Tattoos for Women: The dragon can be perceived as evil and good, masculine and feminine. And they are linked with both fire and water. Dragon is the most popular design for tattoos. You can find dragons in cultures all over the world. It represents many different things. Depending on color, size, and style. Dragon tattoo can be a symbol of passion, wisdom, fearlessness, rage, power, and prosperity.

You can choose dragons for your tattoo from fiction such a game of thrones and there are many dragon cartoons that are very popular. So if you are looking for dragon tattoo designs. Then keep scrolling to find the perfect design that suits your personality.

Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Dragon tattoos have different meanings in different civilizations. One civilization may consider it as a good, wisdom, strength. While others consider it as a greedy, and bad omen. Chinese and Japanese represent it as a kind of spirit, goodwill, strength, and balance. And Celtic dragon style is shown with crowns and thrones depicting power and strength. Also, these are the most popular styles.

Dragon Tattoos for Women

dragon tattoos for women

According to this article: The Eastern dragon is seen as a noble beast that offers wisdom and protection while in ancient Western culture, it represents a much darker and more threatening creature. However, both are usually depicted as a very intelligent creature free to roam wherever it wishes. Thus, the dragon tattoo can also depict the freedom of your soul or life.

The dragon symbolizes protection, power, and wisdom. Its fearsome and warlike qualities make it a wonderful ally or a fierce enemy. Most people have heard stories about the knight slaying the dragon and winning the love of the princess.

Among many ancient cultures, slaying the dragon is one of the highest honors a person can achieve. Think of the stories of St. George or Beowulf, although in both, the dragon might also represent pre-Christian thought.

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Arm and Shoulder Dragon Tattoo for Women

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Backside Dragon Full Body Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo on Thigh

Red Dragon Tattoo on Chest and Neck

Blue Dragon with Flower Tattoo on Back

Dragon Tattoo on Shoulder for Females

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Small Dragon Tattoo on Rib and Large Dragon Tattoo on Back

Black Dragon Tattoo on Back

Dragon Tattoo on Back

Dragon Tattoo on Wrist for Women

Red Dragon Tattoo on Back + Small Dragon Tattoo Rib

Full Dragon Tattoo on Arm

Chest + Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

Small Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Small Dragon Tattoo on Wrist

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Back Neck and Stomach Dragon Tattoo

Games of Throne Dragon Tattoo on Back

Japanese Dragon on Stomach

Dragon Tattoo on Foot

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