Best Finger Tattoos Designs for Girls

Finger tattoos give gigantic looks to us and they are small and cute. If you want some inspiration for your next finger tattoo design? Then here we have collected some great finger tattoos for girls. Before planning for the tattoo on the finger you should know some information about finger tattoos.

If you are thinking about how much pain will you get? Then let me tell you that finger tattoos hurt more than any other part of the body. So if you cannot bear the pain then you should find another body part to get that tattoo.

Now, most people think that finger tattoo is a bad idea? Definitely it is not a good idea. Because the skin on your fingers takes tattoo ink differently than most parts of your body. It also has a lot of movement over the bone and the skin is extremely thick.

Finger tattoos for girls thumbnail

Most people think that finger tattoos fade away quickly. And yes, they are right because we don’t know how many times in a day we wash our hands. Because of that, it fades out your tattoo.

Well, after all of this finger tattoo lasts for six to twelve months and it is depending on the ink that used for the tattoo. But you should also take care of your tattoo to keep its looks. If you want more information about finger tattoos the click here.

Here are some Neck Tattoos for Girls

Henna Tattoo Designs on Fingers for Girls

Star & Moon Tattoo on Finger

Small Heart & Crown Tattoo

Eye Tattoo on Finger

Simple Heart Tattoo on Finger

Family Tattoo Under Finger

Words Tattoo under Finger

Crescent Moon + Eye Tattoo

Tiny Stars & Heart Tattoo

Anchor Design Tattoo under Finger

Rose Tattoo on Finger

Heart + Arrow Tattoo under Finger

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