[19] Best Foot Tattoos for Women [Updated 2023]

Generally women and girls like foot tattoos. The foot is one of the best body areas where you can place a tattoo and it looks attractive and gives beautiful looks to your feet.

Tattoos on feet represent beauty and if you maintain your tattoo properly then it will look very cute every time. Most women like colorful foot tattoos and they also combine different designs such as butterflies, feathers, flowers, quotes, etc.

Foot tattoo grabs attention very quickly. And cool tattoos can be easily used to gain the spotlight during parties. You can use great tattoo designs to show off beauty or femininity.

Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos for girls thumbnail

A tattoo on your foot gives you some benefits such as you won’t be too disappointed if the tattoo goes a bit wrong because these tattoos are small in size. And a small tattoo requires a low budget.

So that girls with a small amount can live their fantasy about getting inked pretty effectively

Watercolor Flower on Foot

water color flower tattoo on flower
Mandala tattoo on foot

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Rose Tattoo on Foot

flower tattoo on foot
rose tattoo on foot
Black Rose Tattoo on foot

Roman Numeric Tattoo on Foot

roman number tattoo on foot

Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

Foot Flower Tattoo
unique design tattoo on foot

Dragon Tattoo on Foot

dragon tattoo on foot

Jellyfish Tattoo

octopus tattoo on foot
octopus tattoo on foot

Heartline Tattoo on Foot

heat line tattoo on foot

Octopus Tattoo

octopus tattoo on foot

Quotes Tattoo on Foot

quotes tattoo on foot

Flower Design Tattoo on Foot

Foot Flower Tattoo
3D Flower Tattoo on foot
3D Flower Tattoo on foot

Feather Tattoo Design on Foot

Feather Tattoo on foot

Mountain Tattoo

mountain + Tree tattoo on foot