20+ Top Amazing Feather Tattoos for women [2020]

Feather Tattoos for Women: Feather Tattoo has different designs and meanings. It gives a beautiful look to your body. And feather tattoo represents many different things. Because there are different kinds of feather in the world. Each bird has unique kinds of feathers which make it more important from the rest of the birds. So that is why the meaning of your feather tattoo is depending on the kind of birds which owning that feather.

Meaning of Feather Tattoo

So if you want a deeper meaning then you can combine other designs with feather tattoo. It will give deeper meaning and understanding. Basically feather tattoo has meanings like the ability to take flight either spiritually, creatively or emotionally.

Turkey’s Feather would mean success and bounty. This is the motivation behind why you generally have turkey during Thanksgiving. Picking a turkey feather tattoo demonstrates your craving to succeed monetarily and to do well in every single other part of your life. This tattoo can fill in as a token of your life objectives and the things you have to do so as to accomplish the success that you need.

The importance of your tattoo will likewise be extraordinary in the event that you utilize another winged creature’s quill. For example, on the off chance that you utilize a dove feather, it will send off a message of harmony, peacefulness, and immaculateness.

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Feather Tattoos for women

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