(33) Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Women [2023 Updated]

A rib tattoo for women and men for both genders is the best option if you want to show your passion for body modification and without the threat of losing an employment opportunity.


Because it is very easy for you if you want to show them or not. It depends on you that where and when you would like to share your rib tattoos with people around you.

There are many things that you should know about getting a tattoo if you are a first-timer.

Many tattoo artists reveal that most people who get a rib tattoo are often first-timers and their rib tattoo is likely to remain a secret.


So this is necessary that you should know about the tattoo that you want. It will be on your skin for the rest of your life.

Rib Tattoos

Rib Tattoos for Girls

If you are looking for some inspiration and finding a great tattoo design? Then here are some great examples of Rib Tattoos for Women. You can see them and find the best tattoo that suits you.

1. Arrow Tattoo on Rib

arrow tattoo on rib

A tattoo of an arrow is a choice for both women and men because it has various meanings. Those who want to give themselves a masculine look opt for this design, while others may want to use the arrow as a sign of protection or guidance. Whatever your motivation may be, there are certain places on the body where you can draw this type of art and the rib is one of them.


arrow tattoo on rib

3. Beautiful Flower Tattoo

flower tattoo on rib

On the ribs, tattoos with flowers are always beautiful. The most common meanings for flower tattoos include love, innocence, fertility, healing and new beginnings. On the rib cage, there is a lot of space to design your own unique tattoo so you can have it mean whatever you want it to be.

For example, some people may choose to place simple leaves around the side of the body. This could be a way to show off artistic ability while essentially hiding your tattoo because it is so small. In addition to leaves, you might want to consider berries or flowers in order to add a personal touch to your design.


In terms of flowers tattoos on the rib cage, there are so many options. Different tattoos will have different meanings so it is important to know what you want your tattoo to say about you when it is standing alone.

For example, a red rose means love and passion so if somebody else sees this type of tattoo on the body they may interpret that there is a deep love in your life or that someone, in particular, has sparked an emotional fire within you.

On the other hand, if somebody sees a flower tattoo with just two or three petals then they might interpret that this could mean new beginnings or fertility.


For example, when somebody plants seeds into the ground to grow flowers it is known as planting “seeds of hope.” With this in mind, it would be easy to see how somebody might be able to interpret this type of tattoo as hope, or that there are new beginnings in your future.


flower tattoo on rib


flower tattoo on rib


flower tattoo on rib


flower tattoo on rib

8. Rose Flower Tattoo

flower tattoo on rib


Rose Tattoo on rib


flower tattoo on rib

11. Lion Tattoo on Rib

lion tattoo on rib

The lion is perhaps one of the most popular creatures in the world.  It’s able to roar, its majestic mane gives it a regal appearance, and its strength is well known throughout mythology.  Lion tattoos are often considered symbols of courage, power, and nobility.

Most lion tattoos are meant to be symbolic of courage, power and pride. Lion tattoos usually range in the designs which they can fall under.


The most common lion tattoo any person would come across is probably one that looks very much like a male lion in its full glory with the mane being the main focus point. There are also times when people prefer to have the face of the male lion as their tattoo design.


text tattoo on rib

13. Dream Catcher Tattoo

dream catcher tattoo on rib

The Dream Catcher tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among women. It has no specific meaning, but it’s believed to provide protection and good dreams through the night, so it’s often considered an appropriate tattoo for women.

The dream catcher tattoos can be designed in black or with multiple colours applied to them. Since the rib cage is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo done, it’s not advisable for girls who have a low pain threshold.

Dream catcher tattoos have been worn by women for many reasons and there are no specific rules to follow when getting one.

14. Butterfly Tattoos on Rib

butterfly tattoo on rib

A butterfly tattoo on the rib is a great choice for women. This is because it looks good with most body types and is something different than your average flower or heart.

A lot of women do not know what type of design to get when they are planning on getting a tattoo.

There are many places on the body that can be tattooed, but the one that is seen the most often is the ribs.


butterfly tattoo on rib

16. Hand Design Tattoo on Rib

hand tattoo on rib

17. Mountain Tattoo on Rib

mountain tattoo on rib

I personally like mountain tattoos in black ink for girls with fair skin tone because the contrast looks awesome in my opinion. This particular motif has been inspiring artists for hundreds of years, that’s why it is nearly impossible to come up with something original when working with this style.


You may want to check out the gallery I created below if you are looking for ideas about where exactly on your body to place your mountain tattoo.

What do you think about the choice of the location for this mountain tattoo on the rib? Do you like it as much as I do? What type of design do you think would suit this style the best, in your opinion?


mountain tattoo on rib


tree tattoo on rib

20. Sun Tattoo on Rib

sun tattoo on rib

Sun tattoos for women are not as popular as other tattoo designs, but they do make a nice choice for those looking to get inked. Sun tattoos stand for optimism and light and making one of these is a great way to represent the hopeful sense of self and inner beauty. However, this design does require some thinking because it has more than one possible symbolic meaning.

Sun tattoos may represent the sun itself, which is a powerful image that has many cultures attributing symbolic meanings to it. This symbol is used by different groups for various reasons, including representing unity and power, as well as nurturing and growth. What this means if you opt for one of these designs is that you will need to choose a meaning that is important to you.


If a sun tattoo for women does represent the sun, then it may symbolize an end to darkness and fear as well as a new beginning. It brings with it warmth and happiness, as well as nurturing those around you. In this case, the design would be best placed somewhere that is easily visible because it will be a constant reminder of this belief.


sun tattoo on rib

22. Small Anchor Tattoo

small anchor tattoo on rib

Anchor tattoos for women are among the most popular tattoo designs in use today. The anchor represents many different things to different people, but it almost always symbolizes hope and stability. Women who want to get an anchor tattoo may choose one that is ornate or simple; dark or light; big or small; realistic or abstract; colour or black and white.

Think about what you want your anchor tattoo to mean, and how it will fit your personal style before choosing the design. A woman who loves Pinterest might go for an anchor that looks like something she discovered on the site. Someone who likes things simple might choose a classic black version with no additional details or colour.


No matter what kind of anchor tattoo you get, make sure it can be covered up easily if needed.

23. Sun Flower Tattoo

sun flower tattoo on rib


rib tattoo design


flower tattoo on rib

26. Name Tattoo on Rib

quotes tattoo on rib


quotes tattoo on rib


arrow tattoo on rib


quotes tattoo on rib


small tattoo on rib


quotes tattoo on rib cage


quotes tattoo on rib cage

33. Birds Tattoos

The birds are symbols of freedom, beauty and grace. The tattoos with birds on the ribs look especially beautiful because they are not too big or too small.

Depending on your preferences, you can make very different compositions, putting together different species in one composition, their amount will depend on your wishes.

Many girls choose such a motive as birds tattoo on ribs for the reason that flying creatures, as a rule, represent freedom. This is their main charm and those who want to support this statement can easily do it by wearing such tattoos.

Once again speaking about freedom, we should say that these tattoos don’t have any restrictions and limitations. You can put as many birds as you want and in whatever positions.

While making such a tattoo, the artist will never complain about anything because it’s up to you to decide whether you need one or five flying creatures on your body.

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