20+ Top Anchor Tattoos for Women with Meaning [2020]

Anchor Tattoos for Women: Many people don’t appreciate tattoos. But there are many artists who believed that it is a wonderful experience to tell your life story in a unique way by inking your body. Achor Tattoos are popular in both men and women. Today in this article we will talk about anchor tattoos for women. And you will all the anchor tattoos designs for women.

Anchor Tattoos for Women

anchor tattoos for girls

This tattoo design becomes more popular these days. The reason behind its popularity is that it is simple and gives a stylish look. That’s why many women like to place anchor tattoo on their body. Achor tattoo design also has meaning and representing things.

Meaning of Anchor Tattoo

Peoples have different points of view with anchor tattoo design. Achor tattoos have different meanings depending on design, shape, color. But the closest and simple symbol anchor tattoo is that stability. If you think about the anchor main purpose in a ship than you realized that anchor is there to keep the boat still despite the presence of waves and currents in the sea. Some people use the anchor as a symbol of their duty while others view this as a more religious perspective.

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Small Anchor Tattoos on Fingers

Anchor Tattoo on Arm and Small Tattoo on Rib

Anchor Tattoo on Ankle

Cross + Anchor + Heart Shape Tattoo on Forearm

Flowers + Anchor + Compass Tattoos on Rib

Anchor Tattoo on Foot

Watercolor Anchor Tattoo on Back

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Side Wrist Anchor Tattoo

Wrist and Ankle Tiny Anchor Tattoo

Wrist Anchor Tattoo

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