[20+] Best Compass Tattoo Ideas for Women [Updated 2023]

Compasses were created thousands of years ago. People were not using it for spatial navigation. But compasses were used as divination instruments, to guide people spiritually.

Compasses were found during the Han dynasty in China. And in the 11th-century compass gained popularity as a navigation tool.

Compass Tattoo for Women

compass tattoos for women

Compass tattoos are popular among people who love to travel. But there are other peoples who want to find their way in life also like a compass tattoo. And if you are also one of them then you also want the great design of a compass.

That’s why you are here. There are various colors of compass tattoos you can choose any color from black to white and pink or purple. Choose your favorite color for your tattoo. You can also add some other tattoo designs with a compass tattoo such as you can add flowers, arrows, anchors, text, etc.

Why you should get a Compass Tattoo?

There are many reasons why one should get a compass tattoo. A few reasons I mentioned above and there are many other reasons such as the meaning of compass.

The compass tattoo symbolizes direction and guidance. It also has other meanings such as security and protection. Many people believe that an image of the compass can bring luck and inspiration.

Best Body Area?

Now if you don’t know which is the best body place to get a compass tattoo. There are many best places to showcase your tattoo such wrist. You can ask your tattoo artist to ink the compass tattoo on your wrist.

But you also have many other options such as you can choose the ankle or foot tattoo. Get a small tiny matching compass tattoo. You can show your close relationship with matching compass tattoos. Here we have collected some great designs of compass tattoos.

If you explore an adventure seeker then you should go for a map compass tattoo because it is a symbol of travel and discovery.

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Colorful Compass + Text Tattoo on Back

back shoulder compass colorful tattoo

Compass + Flower Tattoo on Arm

compass tattoo for girls
forearm compass & Rose Tattoo

Compass Tattoo on Chest for Girls

compass tattoo for females
compass tattoo for females

Back Compass Tattoo

compass tattoo for females
compass tattoo for females
compass tattoo for females
compass tattoo for females

Compass Tattoo on Sleeve

forearm compass & Rose Tattoo
compass tattoo for females

Flower + Compass Tattoo on Shoulder

compass and flower mix tattoo
back shoulder compass tattoo

Rose + Compass Tattoo on Rib

Rose Compass’s tattoo symbolizes a passion for romance and search for love. If you are a romantic person then this will be a great choice for you.

rib compass tattoo for women
compass and flower mix tattoo

Matching Compass Tattoo on Wrist

A nautical compass tattoo is a symbol of harmony and peace.

compass wrist tattoo
leg compass tattoo
back neck compass tattoo
back shoulder compass tattoo

Anchor + Compass Tattoo on Thigh

compass thigh tattoo for women
back compass tattoo