Kristen Stewart Tattoos & Meanings [Updated 2023]

Tattoos say a lot about you and who you want to be. They show you what your real personality is like. The point of tattoos is to show the world that you are someone who believes in yourself and that you are capable of accomplishing great things. Just like Kristen Stewart’s tattoos show that there is much to live for.

Kristen Stewart’s tattoos are among the more popular of the star’s designs. While most of her body is covered by tattoos that simply symbolize her status as a celebrity, the left arm is one of her most visible areas, which makes this area especially important to her tattoos.

How Many Tattoos Does Kristen Stewart Have?

Kristen Stewart All Tattoos

Kristen has several random tattoos strewn across her arms, from small heart-shaped tattoos to elaborate sleeve art that includes a dragonfly and an American flag.

However, it is her newest piece, the phrase “One More Time With Feeling” inked on her wrist, that represents her unique outlook on life more so than any other. It was inspired by the famous poem by Oscar Wilde.

Kristen Stewart’s tattoos say a lot about who she is, what she believes, and where she wants to go in life. No matter how old she may be, her tattoos say a lot about who she is.

Tattoos and Meanings

If you have been looking at the tattoo designs of Kristen Stewart, you may have noticed her many tattoos. Most of the pictures show off the tattoos that she has on her arms, legs, upper back, and lower back. Currently, a total of 6 tattoos have been discovered on Kristen’s whole body. Here they are:

1. Tiny Infinity or Number “8” on Her Palm

Kristen Stewart Tattoo Tiny Infinity or Number “8”

In June 2014, Kristen and her group of friends were on a road trip. According to US Weekly, during the road trip, Kristen and her friends visited the Pride and Glory tattoo parlor in Nashville.

The tattoo artist of that parlor posted a photo with Kristen of her visit and revealed her first-ever tattoo of an Infinity sign. This was the time when her journey with tattoos started out.

2. Guernica Painting on Her Right Arm

When Kristen was 18 years old, she saw a masterpiece by Picasso “Guernica”. This painting floored her and this was the very first time when she was responding to a piece of art like this. She got inspired to keep a tattoo of this art by the credo of ‘keep moving on and keep the light on’.

3. Arrows on Her Right Arm

Kristen has carved a tattoo of arrows on her right arm. However, there is no story regarding this tattoo that has been revealed but we can assume these arrows as a symbol of moving forward.

4. “One More Time With Feelings” on her forearm

“One More Time With Feelings” on her forearm

Kristen has carved a phrase saying “One More Time With Feelings” on her forearm which she believes applies to everything in life.

5. Black Flag on Her Right Wrist

Kristen Stewart Tattoo Black Flag on Her Right Wrist

Kristen has tattooed four horizontal lines parallel to one another on her right wrist which simply represents the band “Black Flag”. She likes and follows this band for some time now.

Final Words

Kristen Stewart tattoos are a great way to express your personality and style. You can find a tattoo that is in line with your personality or one that shows a side of your life that you may not be aware of.

Kristen’s tattoos are popular among celebrities such as Rihanna and Rachel Ray because they are very sexy and show off her body.

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