Cheryl Cole: Tattoos with Meanings [Updated 2023]

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique than other styles, you should consider getting a little glimpse of Cheryl Cole’s tattoos. Cheryl is one of the biggest female singers of our time and she has been at the top of her game for a very long time.

This is not surprising considering that she is such a great singer and she has made quite a name for herself in the music industry.

Cheryl’s Tattoos and Controversy

Cheryl Cole tattoos are a hot topic these days. There is some controversy surrounding her tattoos. The most controversial of Cheryl’s tattoos include a tattoo of the cross on her back. Some people believe it is a symbol of a war she fought in, while others believe it is a symbol of her faith.

One another controversial tattoos of Cheryl Cole is the image of a crucifix on her leg. The controversy revolves around the fact that there are some groups that consider the cross to be an idol. There are also groups that feel that Cher’s cross represents a sign of hope.

Tattoos and Their Meaning

The tattoo design of Cheryl Cole is very unique. Her designs are all about being a star. From her unique look, funky clothing, funky hair, and funky jewelry, her tattoos make you feel like you are a star as well.

If you have always been interested in finding out more about this singer and her many tattoos, then you should take a deep look at this article.

Here we have discussed 9 of her most popular tattoos and their possible meaning:

1. Tattoo on Her Back Neck

Cheryl Cole back neck tattoo

Cheryl got a tattoo of ‘Mrs. C’ inked on the nape of her neck in the year 2006 after she got married to a soccer player, Ashley Cole, and shot his last title, Cole.

Though the couple got divorced in the year 2010, she did not get the tattoo removed she explained, “It is not anything to be ashamed of, and she did not wish to rub it off”.

2. Her Lower Back Tattoo

Cheryl Cole Lower Back Tattoo

Among the earliest tattoos of Cheryl dates back to 2002 that’s a tribal butterfly tattoo on the lower rear that’s now covered by the enormous floral tattoo.

3. Cleavage Tattoo

Cleavage Tattoo

In the most recent addition to Cheryl’s tattoos, the celebrity got a somewhat delicate and intricate tattoo between her cleavage. The Tattoo is the Buddhist symbol of Unalome, which signifies the road to enlightenment.

4. Bum Tattoos

Bum Tattoos

In the year 2007, Cheryl also got a rose tattoo on her left bum cheek that was later covered with all the huge tattoos. She definitely appears to adore roses, however!

5. Tattoo on Her Thigh

Cheryl Cole Thigh Tattoos

Cheryl has a fairly intriguing tattoo on her thigh that has climbed, vines, barbed wires, and treble clef wrapped around her throat. The roses are her favorite flowers and the treble clef from the tattoo represents her musical career.

6. Rose Tattoos

Rose Tattoo

The celebrity has a massive floral tattoo covering her lower back and her fashionable place. She’s this tattoo inked in 2013 by the tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado, in numerous sessions.

Cheryl states that the tattoo has substantial meaning in English and her roses are her favorite. Additionally, she made this tattoo to cover up various different tattoos, and the idea of getting it got Malaria in the year 2010. She states that “Life’s too short and that I wanted a huge tattoo”.

7. Tattoo on Hand

Cheryl Cole Tattoo on Hand

Cheryl has a Polynesian Maori fashion tribal tattoo on her right hand, also it’s among her favorite tattoos. Though this tattoo doesn’t have any specific significance and looks to be abstract, the celebrity state that it defines a brand new start for her, and in addition, it stands for the letter ‘C’.

8. Tweety Bird Tattoo

Cheryl Cole Tweety Bird Tattoo

Cheryl’s first tattoo was of a Tweety animation bird tattoo on her buttocks that she obtained at age 16. This tattoo was a devotion to her sister’s first child, and everybody got a small emblem for him. She chose this specific one because of its resemblance to their own loved Tweedy.

9. Small Tattoo on Her Finger

Cheryl Cole Finger Tattoo

Cheryl got a small red heart tattooed on her left middle finger. The tattoo is right beneath the bottom of the nail. Following the massive buttocks coated floral tattoo, then she thought about having the miniature one too.

Cheryl Cole tattoos are definitely a hot topic. As long as she keeps making music and touring, she will likely continue to have a large following.