Incredible Head Tattoos for Females [2020]

Head tattoos are becoming more popular among women. So in this article, you will get some cool Head Tattoos for Females. Men used to have a head tattoo but now women also getting head tattoos. If you usually shave your head and want to remain bald. If you are this kind of person then you are good to go with head tattoos.

But generally, there are many peoples who don’t want to shave their heads but they want head tattoo then you can shave little part of your head from sides. So that you get any of your favorite tattoo design on your head. You have to be surer before getting a tattoo on the head because it is very painful and difficult. There is a lot of pain to go through for exciting results.

This is can be a tough task for you because it is not easy to get the tattoo on the head. It will take more time and effort to make it more attractive. You also need patience because if you are planning to get a large size tattoo then you have to bear a lot of pain and maybe you will unable to complete in a single session. So you have to take more time for your tattoo to complete it easily and effectively. I would say be brave and believe in yourself and complete your task.

Head Tattoos for Females

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You can see various head tattoo designs for females here. We have collected all kinds of head tattoo for females. So that you different options and you can see what suits you.

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Text + Dragon Tattoo Design on Head

Spider Head Tattoo Design

Flower Tattoo

Pegasus Horse Tattoo on Head

Rose Tattoo on Side Head

Fish Tattoo Design

fish tattoo on head

Behind Ear Tattoo Design

Colorful Snake Tattoo with Flower + Wolf Tattoo on Head

Butterfly + Mandala Tattoo

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  1. My girl Joan expressed a desire to get her head tattooed… It was all in jest…, but the thougt was there ! !
    It took a few years and many tattoo magazines, a lot of talk to get her to go to a well known artist and discuss it.
    I myself was all for it, as it was about the sensuest idea I ever head. The idea to shave her head and tattoo it pertmanently was the greates turn-on ever…
    So it happened one day that Joan’s head got shaved. All her hair dissappeared under a clippers and got soaped up and shaved totally shiny bald.
    Immediately after she got the outlines done and sooon the tattoo needles danced on her head…. We kept her a bit under a narcose of course, so she could not change her mind. It was an unbelieveble metamorphose !
    Joan’s pretty face, and the first black outlines covering her bald head head . . .

    It could not be finished in one setting of course, the tattoo was too big and for every session her head had to be shaved again . . .
    over the many days, she changed her mind again and again, but we stuck to our original plans, I made sure that the tattoo covered more than the original outlines of her natural hair…
    All told it took about six weeks to finish the job. . .
    She now has a head, full of bright red roses, interspersed with many other colored flowers.
    She really looks spectacular and is slowly, very slowly adjusting to her new looks…
    Many days she is angry for what we have done to her, but we have the proper documents of her consent…
    For me, sex has been improved a hundredfold ! ! And it is clear that she herself enjoys ssx more than ever!
    It took the neighborhood a long time to get used to her, I shave her at least once a week.

  2. Some very wonderful head tattoos on very pretty girls ! Keep up the good works !

  3. Brings back memories from a few years ago when my wife asked me to shave her head. A few weeks later she asked if I would razor her smooth. She wore it like this for a while and I was a very willing barber for her. Then she grew it back. I was devastated. I still ask her to back that way but confessed that she couldn’t trust herself. She was very tempted to get her head tattooed all over and even considered electrolysis. I am still asking her to proceed but is in a dilemma to do something different by either a full head or full face tattoo

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