Calum Hood Tattoos & Meanings [2023]

Calum Hood has 17 tattoos all over his body. All these tattoos represent different memories and relations.

Calum Hood’s tattoos make him who he is today. His tattoos range from very small tiny words on his hands to huge designs across his arms and chest. When asked about what each tattoo means, Calum reveals a lot about himself in these moments of reflection.

Bali Tour 16 Tattoo

Bali Tour 16 Tattoo

Calum lost his passport in Bali when he was on tour and then he had to stay back in Bali and his friend Roy also stayed back with him. And Calum want to make this memory special so he got a Bali Tour 2016 tattoo on his left leg.

Letter ‘R’ tattoo

R rattoo on Ankle

This R word represents his friend Roy. Calum friend Roy also got word C tattooed on his arm.

Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman Numeral Tattoos

He got this tattoo in 2012 when the band started.


Roman numeral tattoos are extremely popular and can be seen on many individuals around the world. These tattoos were initially used to help people count and show numerical value in a less complicated way than using full number words. They can be displayed on the skin in a variety of different ways, including single digits or combinations.

Depending upon location, these tattoos can be seen all over the body. It is not uncommon to see them displayed on the arm, forearm, leg and hand. Other areas where individuals might choose to put these types of designs are around various parts of their bodies that are more commonly exposed, such as the back of the neck or chest.

While some people choose to get these tattoos because they are interested in history, others do so for purely aesthetic reasons. Others might want to commemorate an anniversary on their body that is important to them or honour a special event. Still, others decide to place the tattoo on themselves as a way to demonstrate their creativity and individuality.

Feather tattoo on chest

Feather Tattoo

Calum has a feather tattoo on his chest.

A feather tattoo on a man’s chest can have many different meanings, depending on what is being expressed. Feathers have been used throughout history as an expression of freedom and power.

The most common meaning is freedom from something, whether it be real physical imprisonment or mental bondage.

Another meaning is associated with power. Men who wear a feather tattoo may be trying to show that they are powerful and strong.

A feather can also represent wisdom, as birds have been symbols of communication for thousands of years. Feather tattoos on the chest can therefore show a desire to have clear communication with others.

Feather tattoos are often used as feminine tributes, with the meaning of love, beauty or compassion for women. Feathers can also be protective symbols against evil spirits, and they are often worn by people who practice meditation.

Horseshoe Tattoo

Horse Shoe Tattoo

On the left forearm, Calum has a Horseshoe tattoo which brings him good luck.


In modern times, a horseshoe is often used symbolically to represent good luck and good wishes. Legend holds that a horseshoe should be hung above doorways and other openings for good luck and to protect against the evil eye; this is done down through the present day. The actual reason why people would wear a Horseshoe as an amulet dates back to the middle ages.

Scottish thistle tattoo

Scottish thistle tattoo

On the upper arm, Calum has Scottish Thistle Tattoo. He got this tattoo because his dad is Scottish.


Scottish thistle tattoos are, without a doubt, one of the most prominent tattoos for both men and women. The reason why they are so popular is that this tattoo symbolizes strength in adversity.

The Thistle

Thistles belong to the family Asteraceae (daisies) and the genus ‘Cirsium’ (flowers). The flower can have 6 to 20 flowers in one bunch. The leaves are sharp, prickly, and spiny.

The Thistle flower has been used since the 15th century in Scottish Heraldry. It is also considered to be a national symbol of Scotland.

The symbolism of this flower is widely spread and holds different meanings that change from place to place and religion to religion, but mainly it represents pride, stubbornness, or masculinity.

Aztec Warrior Tattoo

Aztec Warrior tattoo

On his Biceps He has an Aztec warrior tattoo.

Word ‘Alive’ Tattoo

word alive tattoo on wrist

Calum Hood has the word ‘Alive’ inked on his wrist.

Tattoo on Stomach

Tattoo on stomach

As you can see lower on his chest Calum got a tattoo that says “But why would I want to do a thing like that”.

Skyward Tattoo

skyward tattoo

Bird with Mali-Koa Tattoo

Mali Koa Tattoo

Calum has a bird tattoo on his left forearm and below that is his sister’s name. That beautiful bird represents his sister.


A bird in flight is a symbol of freedom. The tattoo of a bird in flight can remind us of our own need to find peace, happiness, and freedom from our pasts. It also reminds us that through the ups and downs in life there are always new beginnings ahead. Birds are often symbols of messengers or “angels” because they can fly above all of the troubles on Earth and see things from a new perspective.

DSH & JKH Tattoo

DSH Tattoo
JKH word tattoo on hand

Calum has his Parent’s initials on his both hands. This shows the love for his parents and the love they give to Calum in all stages of his life.

Dagger Tattoo

dagger tattoo

Calum has the dagger tattoo on his biceps back.


A dagger tattoo can be used to represent various things. For some, this symbol is meant to represent the pain that they have experienced in their lives caused by people. It could also be a way of representing death and loss of life, or it might even be seen as the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

To some people, the dagger represents the ability to fight against trouble with strength and resolve. It may symbolize being able to bring pain to an enemy if necessary, but more often than not this tattoo means that you have been able to overcome significant hardship.

It may have been a physical ailment that you fought through, or perhaps it was a way of overcoming a difficult situation in your life by standing strong and keeping your chin up.

Fiver Tally Mark

five tally mark

Tattoo on Forearm

logo tattoo on forearm

Final Words

Hope you like all the Calum Hood Tattoos. Tattoos are a permanent way of expressing your personality, lifestyle, or interests.

You can get tattoos for any occasion and they will be with you forever. If you’re considering getting one this year, make sure to do some research first on what style is best for you! There are many different tattoo meanings that may appeal to the type of person that you are.