Bruno Mars All Tattoos [Updated] 2023

If you are wondering how many tattoo Bruno Mars have? Then you are in the right place. Bruno Mars has five tattoos in total. One of the most well-known is his left forearm tattoo which tattoos the one of a gypsy woman, which shall bring good luck.


In an interview, Bruno said that he gave the tattooist a pretty picture but the tattoo looks like an old Elizabeth Taylor now.

We have collected all tattoos of Bruno Mars. Check out all the tattoos below.

Anchor Tattoo on Arm

Anchor Tattoo on right arm

Bruno Mars has an anchor tattoo on his right arm. Historically, sailors would get an anchor tattoo on their arms to represent where they came from the sea. It was also believed that having an anchor on your arm would bring you good luck on the sea. They would also get images of ships, lightning bolts, or even images that represented their family to depict different meanings.

Heart Tattoo on Shoulder

Heart Tattoo Bruno Mars

Inside this heart tattoo, the word written ‘Bernadette’ is her mother’s name, She dies because of a brain aneurysm [1]. Hearts are among the most frequently used symbols in symbolism and they mean “love” (usually intimate – romantic, but not necessarily), but also friendship, peace, and a number of other things.


Gypsy Women Tattoo on Left Arm

gypsy woman tattoo on left arm

The history of Gypsy woman tattoos is not certain, but it is believed that they have inherited them from their Indian roots.

Aztec Style Tattoo

Aztec Tattoo on shoulder

Aztec tattoos are often symbols of peace, hope, courage, and happiness – the stuff that many consider to be at the root of a happy life. Not just humans but animals of all kinds have been depicted in this style as well. Aztec figure design tattoos have a deep and rich history, so don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions before going under the needle!

Dagger and Pete’s Boy Tattoo

Dagger tattoo on left becipe

On the left bicep, Bruno Mars has a dagger tattoo and below that, there is a word tattoo that says “Pete’s Boy”.

Dagger tattoos are a great choice for anyone looking to get inked but not necessarily something that they want to keep forever. Dagger tattoos can be done in black and grey or color, however, when it comes to the design elements of the tattoo there is no difference between the two styles.

Daggers represent power and strength, they stand for protection, wisdom, and victory.

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