Faze Rug All Tattoos & Meaning [2023]

Brian Rafat Awadis, better known as FaZe Rug is an American YouTuber who produces videos of all types- from challenge vlogs and gaming commentary to pranks. If you are a fan of Faze and looking for how many tattoos he has? Then here we have collected all tattoos he got on different occasions.

Faze Logo Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo on Wrist 2
Faze Logo

He got a wolf tattoo under Faze logo on his right forearm below the elbow.

Wolf Tatto Meaning

Wolf tattoos are popular among both men and women, but they’re often very different. Women seem to like the tribal wolf tattoo more than men do. Men on the other hand tend to prefer larger wolf tattoos that cover their arms or chest.

There are multiple meanings associated with the wolf. It’s seen as a symbol of family loyalty in some cultures, while in other cultures it represents aggression and ferocity. The wolf tattoo often symbolizes the wearer’s ability to survive, but it can also represent high intelligence or cunning.

‘Rug Rats’ Tattooed on Thigh

Rug Rats Tattoo 2
Rug Rats Tattoo 1
Rug Rats Tattoo on thigh

Faze Rug got inked word ‘Rug Rats’ on his right thigh. He dedicated this tattoo to his audience. Faze wanted to show his love and passion for his audience so he got this tattoo.

Tattoo on Wrist

Sanaa tattoo on wrist

There is an Arabic word ‘Sanaa’ tattooed on Faze’s wrist.

Multiple Tattoos on Forearm

Forearm Camera Tattoo

Forearm tattoo 2

Faze also have a Camera Tattoo on his right forearm. As you can see there is a little heart tattoo under the camera. Around the camera, there are little different objects such as a bird, stars, and planets.

Faze wanted to have something cool on his forearm. As he loves vlogging so much he came up with the idea of having the camera inked. The other objects around the camera are suggested by the tattoo artist.

Tattoo on Upper Arm

Flower 420 Tattoo