(29+) Best Fox & Wolf Tattoo Ideas for Women [2023 Updated]

In today’s which is filled with judgment and criticism, people with tattoos consider as a rebel, weirdo, thugs, or a par of cult. it is unfair for those people who are not something like that but they love tattoos. It is difficult for some people to go through it. But tattoos are body art that shows a part of your personality.

Wolf Tattoos

Tattoos designs are more than what we see. There is a deep meaning in tattoos that can not be described in words. Each tattoo has personal meaning to the person who is wearing it. There are hidden messages in those meaningless symbols and shapes. But not everyone can understand that.


Wolf tattoos have so much meaning it is not just an animal. If people try to understand the meaning behind the tattoo.

So they will appreciate it. Wolf Tattoos show the characteristic of the person who is wearing them. Wolves are powerful and this can be said about wolf tattoos. Wolf Tattoo symbolizing loyalty and perseverance.

Most peoples are afraid of wolves because of the wolves movies. In movies, they show wolves as bad guys. Wolves represent the alter ego of the antagonist, which is one of the reasons why many people find wolves frightening.

Many people misunderstood that wolves’ eyes are fierce and they are evidence of their evil nature. But this is not true because there are wolves that are calm.

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1. Wolf Tattoos on Rib

wolf tattoo on rib


wolf tattoo on wrist

3. Wolf Half Geometric Face Tattoo

thigh wolf tattoos


wolf tattoo on leg

5. WaterColor Blue Wolf Tattoo on Back

blue wolf tattoo on back


wolf tattoo behind ear

7. Fox Watercolor Tattoo on Rib

colorful wolf tattoo on rib


wolf tattoo in shape on Back

9. Wolf Face Tattoo on Finger

finger small wolf tattoo


11. Side Wrist Wolf Tattoo

wrist wolf tattoo


small wolf on forearm


small wolf face tattoo on wrist

14. Wolf Tattoo on Back

back neck wolf tattoo


fox tattoo on back

16. Dream Catcher + Wolf Tattoo on Arm

dream catcher and wolf tattoo on hand


15dream catcher and wolf tattoo on upper arm

18. Flower + Moon + Wolf Tattoo

wolf + Moon + flowers tattoo on upper arm


wolf tattoo on upper arm

20. Wolf Couple Tattoo

two wolf tattoo on back


wolf tattoo on back

22. Wolf Face on Back

wolf tattoo on back


half face with flower wolf tattoo on back


flower + wolf tattoo on back

25. Thigh Wolf Tattoo with Flower

flower + wolf tattoo on thigh


flower + wolf tattoo on thigh

27. Wolf Tattoo on Shoulder

wolf tattoo on upper arm

28. Outer Thigh Wolf Tattoo

half face with flower wolf tattoo on thigh


wolf tattoo on thigh

30. Beautiful Fox Tattoo on Ankle

wolf tattoo on leg