Whoopi Goldberg Tattoo [Updated 2023] & Meaning

Whoopi Goldberg has a lot of great things to say about herself and her body. From the name itself hoop, which is an amalgamation of her birth name, “Whoopi Goldberg”, and a word that means, “love, peace, and joy“, her tattoo is about much more than just loving your own body.

Whoopi Tattoos

Goldberg was born in the 1930s and she is of Jewish descent. Her mother was an artist and her father was a professional dancer. Goldberg was named after her father’s first wife.

If you are a fan of Whoopi Goldberg for a long while then it will not be shocking anymore for you that She has a giant tattoo. Whoopi is not only known as an actress but also as an author. She has written some of her own books and has also written for some of her favorite actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Tattoo Meaning

In case you’ve watched the 2018 Oscars red carpet, then you may have only discovered Whoopi Goldberg’s tattoo. As from the very big, very amazing ink she showed on her shoulder. 

You are also probably wondering exactly what Whoopi’s tattoo is really of. And do not worry, we got you. Whoopi has only one tattoo all over her body. Let’s have a deep dive into her tattoo and find out its most probable meaning 🙂

1. Dragon Tattoo

Whoopi Goldberg Tattoo on neck

Whoopi has tattooed a giant dragon on her shoulder. In an interview with Home & Textiles Today, when she was asked “what does her Tattoo mean to her”, She replied: “For me, the dragon is a protector, and when I’m sleeping I want to feel I’m protected,I just love dragons. 

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most well-known names in Hollywood. In fact, she has been in a number of big films over the years. When it comes to choosing Whoopi Goldberg tattoos you will want to consider all of your options when it comes to this beautiful tattoo.

If you are looking for a piece of art that represents Whoopi in a certain way, then you may want to use the image from her own books or images from her own shows as a starting point.

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