Lena Headey Tattoos 2023 [Updated] & Meanings

If the characters portrayed in Game of Thrones drive you crazy, then you have turned to the right location. Let us delve deep and research Cersei Lannister tattoos.

Yes, I am talking about Lena Headey, among the highest-paid actors on television. She is highly fetishized about tattoos “I always want more“. This is what she states whenever asked about her tattoos. So, hurry up folks, check it out below!

This year alone, Headey is getting one tattoo, a heart, across her right shoulder blade. She also has a flower tattoo on her lower back that says “I will love you forever“. This is a personal tattoo for her that is very meaningful.

A tattoo can be a very private art piece, but when it is done by the star herself, it can make it really special. These two tattoos have been around since the start of her career and they will definitely last the rest of her career too.

Meaning Behind Lena’s Tattoos

Heady’s tattoo says a lot about her. She is a fighter. Lena goes through what so many people go through before her. She was not able to walk the walk when it came to her career. Her mother passed away when she was young. But she didn’t give up and today is successful in what she is doing.

Here are the 10 most popular tattoos of Lena Headey-

1. Lena Headey Ganesha Tattoo

Lena Headey Ganesha Tattoo

Ganesha is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu religion and Lena Headey has a tattoo using Ganesha in the lotus on her right upper arm.

2. Monster Tattoo on Her Back

Lena Headey Back Monster Tattoo

On the right side of her beautiful back, she’s a red-feathered monster flying high in the middle of small claret flowers. This means opportunity, anticipation and it plans to soar.

3. Tattoo on Her Arm

Lena Headey Tattoo Arm

Twirls and leaves sprinkled around a superb butterfly are located on Headey’s upper right arm. It speaks to appreciation and many deep senses of becoming. Furthermore, it is proof that you are able to hold a whole lot of bluntness but proceed toward getting something glowing.

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4. Name Tattoo on Her Wrist

Lena Headey Tattoos on Wrist

Lena Headey obtained her hubby’s name inked on her wrist “LOUGHRAN”, who is completely named Peter Loughran. In the aftermath of being split together with him, she did not give him the tattoo. But expanded exactly the same since Loughran is also the previous name of her child which she’d from Peter.

5. Lotus Tattoo on Upper Back

Lena Headey Lotus Tattoo

Lena’s upper back is inked with a gorgeous red lotus blossom. Red Lotus symbolizes love, sense, compassion, energy, excitement, and merit. Lotus is portrayed in tales of Buddhism too. Along these lines, a well-established conference.

6. Tiny Stars Tattoo on Elbows

Lena Headey stars Tattoos

Lena Headey has dark stars on both of her elbows. A celebrity tattoo matches in as a picture for assistance and security. Like they fill as handling columns unaware for voyagers.

7. Lower Arm Tattoo

Lena Headey Right Lower Arm Tattoo

Headey’s right lower arm indicates a topsy turvy open doored winged monster confine tattoo. The kind of pencil is memorable. It speaks to electricity. Likewise, it moves on that you’ll be able to direct your life how you desire.

8. Left Arm Tattoo

Left Arm Tattoo

A drove of winged creatures is inked on her left arm. Pigeon speaks to peace, charitable love, and high spirits.

9. Butterflies Tattoo

Lena Headey Butterflies Tattoo

Lena Headey has a tattoo on her upper right arm with a set of butterflies using swirls and leaves.

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10. Wrist Tattoo For Her Kids

Wrist Tattoo For Her Kinds

Here is the tattoo she obtained extended for her little one.  Therefore including “Wylie” into”Loughran”.

11. Quote Tattoo On Her Left Side

Quote Tattoo On Her Left Side

Lena Headey has tattooed a quote saying “Can’t we just return to the bare bones, can’t we just come back” on her left side.

Final Words

The tattoo designs of Lena Headey are perfect for women who enjoy fantasy or medieval fiction. It is no coincidence that they are perfect for fans of the television show Game of Thrones.

They are often detailed with scenes from the show, like the red wedding or the death of King Joffrey Baratheon. Fans also have the opportunity to display the scene in their own way.