Attractive Henna Tattoo Designs for Females 2020

If you want to get your desired tattoo but don’t want to get hurt? Then henna tattoo designs are for you. Henna ink is made from plants and natural things. It completely soft ink and you will not feel any pain. When you get henna tattoo designs on your skin.

The henna plant was found in India, North Africa, and the Middle East. This is the traditional tattoo in Indian weddings. Usually, the bride gets henna tattoo designs on their hands and feet. Because henna gives more attractive and beautiful looks.

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Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna comes in different colors. There are blue-black, white, red, orange colors available. You can get any tattoo design with henna ink. Most peoples from Indian weddings love henna tattoos and it is known as mehndi. You will also see henna tattoos traditional in places like Egypt and Morocco. You can also say it Mehndi Designs.

How long does a henna tattoo last

Usually, henna tattoos last in 1 to 2 weeks on average. But if you put a deep strong color then it will take approximately 2 weeks. It also depends on where you put it and how many times you wash it daily.

Henna Flower Tattoo Designs on Head

Orange Henna Tattoo Designs on Legs

Good Looking Henna Tattoo on Thigh

Unique Henna Designs on Legs

Flower Henna Tattoo on Thigh for Females

Henna Flower Tattoo on Thigh

Yin Yang Henna Tattoo on Thigh

Brown Henna Tattoo Designs on Hands

Black Henna Tattoo on Fingers

Henna Large Tattoo Designs on Back

Henna Tattoo Designs on Foot

Cute Henna Tattoo Designs on Stomach

Beautiful Flower Henna Tattoo on Chest

Sun Design Henna Tattoo on Back

Henna Tattoo Mandala Design on Back

Flower Design Henna Shoulder Cap Tattoo

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