[15+] Best Tiger Tattoos for Women [Updated 2023]

Women and Men are getting tiger tattoos on their bodies. This tattoo design is getting more popular among both men and women. There are many people who use tattoos to give some messages beyond words and actions.

Tattoos also represent their personality. So if you love tiger tattoos then here we have collected great and attractive tiger tattoos for women. You can see these tattoo designs and pick what suits your personality.

Tiger Tattoos

This Tattoo carries various meanings. Tiger is an animal that inflicts fear on people. And when you have a tiger as a tattoo it makes you feel power and authority.

They are not the king of the jungle. But many other animal species bow down to tigers. Tiger Tattoo will give you a gorgeous look on your body. It will give you an extraordinary experience when you have it.

Tiger Tattoos for women


Fierce: Tigers are really being related to lions, which is the reason they are likewise viewed as fierce. Just in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea, tigers have a place with the group of felines.

All things being equal, these ones have colossal sizes when contrasted with the standard feline pets. They can likewise be wild simply like lions on the off chance that you incite them, so you better avoid the tigers.

Quality: A tiger is one of those creatures that you can discover in the woodland that have the truly unimaginable quality that can be contrasted with lions, elephant,s and some other incredible creatures out there.

Retribution: Many individuals accept that tigers will never do awful things over you, except if you have planned something incorrectly for them. What’s more, when you invite them, it is extremely unlikely you can control them from rampaging. You will wind up your own life right away.

Savagery: Just in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea, tiger creatures are additionally being related to a ton of societies on the planet. A few societies considered them as antagonists of their place that spread the soul of viciousness, while others accepted that they symbolize goodness and that there is no compelling reason to get dreaded these creatures.

Assurance: They symbolize security. Indeed, there is no doubt about that since tigers are exceptionally ground-breaking and numerous creatures, and people don’t set out to make a wreck with them.

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Watercolor Tattoo Design Tiger

Geometric Tiger Tattoo

Geometric Tiger Face Tattoo on Thigh
Geometric Tiger Face Tattoo on Sleeve

Tiger Face Tattoo on Back Neck

Tiger face Tattoo on Back Neck

Tiger Tattoo on Back

Two Tiger Tattoos on Back
Tiger Tattoo on Back

red tiger tattoo on middle back

Tiger + Flower Tattoo on Rib

Tiger with Flower mixer Tattoo on Rib

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Tiger Tattoo on Arm

backside tiger tattoo
Tiger Face with Flowers Tattoo on Arm
Plant and tiger Tattoo on upper arm
red color tiger tattoo on upper arm backside
arm tiger tattoo
backside tiger tattoo

Tiger Face Tattoo on Wrist

Tiger Face Tattoo on Wrist

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Tiger + Flower Tattoo on Thigh

Tiger and flower tattoo on thigh

Tiger Tattoo on Underboob

Tiger tattoo on middle chest