[63+] Best Chest Tattoos for Women [Updated 2021]

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Tattoos on the chest are representing a symbol of something that is really important to the individual. The chest is the cool body part where you can place large sizes of tattoos and it is the best way to showcase your tattoo. Chest Tattoos Chest tattoos have different meanings according to their sizes and types. … Read more

(20+) Best Neck Tattoos for Women [Updated 2021]

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Neck tattoos are great and visible to anyone. This area of the body is always visible no matter what clothes you wear. The neck means that someone is daring and has the ability to make big choices, decisions. And it also means that the person is risky and has no fear of anything. If you … Read more

[25] Best Finger Tattoos for Women [Updated 2021]

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Tattoos on fingers give gigantic looks to us and they are small and cute. If you want some inspiration for your next finger tattoo design? Then here we have collected some great finger tattoos for girls. Before planning for the tattoo on the finger you should know some information about finger tattoos. If you are … Read more

[Top 20+] Best Medusa Tattoos for Women [Updated 2021]

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Want to meet the female monster from Ancient Greece mythology. The Gorgon sisters, instead of hair on the head she has snakes. In this post, We are going to show you some great tattoo examples of Medusa Tattoos for Women. Men can also get inspiration from these examples. Medusa Tattoos Before jumping into the tattoos, … Read more

[45+] Bird Tattoo for Women [Updated 2021]

Beautiful Birds Tattoos

Birds Tattoos are very famous and most people love to have a tattoo including birds on their bodies. Because this tattoo has a lot of spiritual meanings. So here we have collected some great examples of bird Tattoos for women. Birds Tattoos What do birds mean in tattoos?If you are having bird tattoos or want … Read more

Sia Furler: All Tattoos with Meanings [Updated 2021]

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Sia Furler is a singer and actress who is very popular with young girls and women. As a teenager, she used to sing at the local karaoke bar in Perth. She also did an award-winning performance in an Australian children’s show and later on appeared on the popular soap opera Neighbours. In her singing career … Read more