Sia Furler: All Tattoos with Meanings [Updated 2023]

Sia Furler is a singer and actress who is very popular with young girls and women. As a teenager, she used to sing at the local karaoke bar in Perth. She also did an award-winning performance in an Australian children’s show and later on appeared on the popular soap opera Neighbours.

In her singing career as a singer and actor, Furler has had some success and the audience for her music has been growing. If you like the music and want a piece of Sia for your body, it may be worth looking into.

Sia Furler Tattoos

Sia Furler Tattoos Feature Image

Sia Furler is an American singer, song writer, voice actor and director. She began her musical career in the 1990s as a singer/songwriter in the hip hop/acid jazz group Crisp.

In 1997, after Crisp disbanded, Furler released her first studio album, titled Just See, from her native Australia. Sia started her journey with tattoos in 2011.


Sia has tattooed 11 tattoos all over her body and yes, she looks damn awesome with these tattoos. Let’s have a look at her tattoos and find out their most probable meaning:)

1. Dog Park Tattoo

Dog Park Tattoo - sia furler

Sia has crudely-drawn dogs tattooed over her left forearm at all colors of the rainbow.

Some were attracted by her very best friend Dallas Clayton who’s a children’s book illustrator, and many others were made by her lovers. She started working with her “dog park sleeve” in April 2011 and asked fans to get his or her aid.

2. Tattoo on Hand

Sia Furler Tattoo on Hand

Sia has tattooed the words “Don’t think” on her left hand’s back. According to Sia, this tattoo reminds her to trust her instincts.

3. Wrist Tattoo

Sia Wrist Tattoo

Sia has a tiny blue ring inked on the back of her wrist that predates many of the other tattoos. She has not talked about its own significance, but circles are frequently a sign of eternity.

4. Right Hand Back Tattoo

Sia Right Hand Back Tattoo

Sia has tattooed ‘Whatever Dude” on the backside of her right hand. It’s Sia’s own private interpretation of god and she gets his name tattooed in red ink on the back of her right hand.

She’s struggled with addiction to alcohol and drugs and entered Alcoholics Anonymous, whose 12-step program entails recognizing a higher power. “I hope for something larger than myself.

A god is known as ‘whatever dude’. I turn everything around to WD, also that I really feel relief,” she tweeted.

5. Right Ankle Tattoo

Sia Right Ankle Tattoo

Sia reveals her love of music using this particular clef tattoo on her ankle. Paradoxically, she can not really read sheet music! That has not stopped her from growing into among the greatest songwriters in pop songs.

6. Left Wrist Tattoo

Sia Left Wrist Tattoo

Sia has tattooed the word “FUN” on her left wrist in three different colors. She has used pink for F, orange for U, and red for N. 

7. Finger Tattoo

Sia Furler Finger Tattoo

Sia had her ex-husband Erik Anders Lang’s first name tattooed on the undersides of her palms. Each letter of “ERIK” is on another finger in another color of ink. He had a fitting tattoo saying “SIA” at precisely the exact same spot.

8. Right Forearm Tattoo

Sia Furler Right Forearm Tattoo

A stick-and-poke arrow tattoo has been seen on Sia’s right forearm. However, there is no information about the meaning of this tattoo.

9. Tattoos on Hands

Sia Furler Tattoos on Hands

Sia has tattooed two red dots on every one of her hands so she can carve a face along with her thumb. She obtained this homemade tattoo on New Year’s Eve in December 2011.

10. Tattoos on Right Index Finger

Sia Tattoos on Right Index Finger

Sia carries a green ink tattoo on her right index finger that says “RADGICAL™“.  She added the trademark symbol because she composed the word, which can be a combo of rad and magic.

11. Right Wrist Tattoo

Sia Furler Right Wrist Tattoo

Sia has some illegible writing tattooed in green ink on her wrist. However, what she has actually written there is still a mystery for her fans. Because it is not readable In the clearest photos of her.

Sia Furler tattoos are a great choice for anyone who is interested in a unique, beautiful tattoo that is not only unique but also shows off the real beauty of their natural animal. When choosing which animal to have inked, you will want to make sure that you get one that you like.

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