Louis Tomlinson All Tattoos [2023]

If you are a fan of Louis from One Direction, a former band member, and want to how many tattooed Louis has? Then you are in the right place. Currently, Louis Tomlinson has 42 tattoos all over his body. It was a fun journey for Tomlinson to get all these tattoos on different occasions and for different memories.

We have collected all the tattoos Louis has. Check out all these amazing tattoos.

Little Screw Tattoo on Ankle

Loius Screw Tattoo on Ankle

Louis got his first tattoo on his ankle, matching little two screws. He got this tattoo when he was about 20-21 and all band members decided to have matching tattoos.


Stag Tattoo on arm

Louis Tomilson Stag Tattoo on arm

He wanted something big to inked it on his arm, and he came up with a stag tattoo.

Heart Tattoo above the Stag

Heart Tattoo on arm

Louis has a medium-size heart tattoo on his right arm. He just wanted to have a tattoo to cover up.

Right Arms Tiny Tattoos

He got inked all these tiny tattoos on different occasions and in different countries.


Cross tattoo on arm

He didn’t actually like it. He wanted to have the word ‘X’ tattoo but the lines aren’t straight because Louis moved in the process of getting this tattoo and this didn’t come up as expected.

Compass Tattoo

Louis Tomlinson Compass Tattoo

Louis said, there is no meaning behind it and he got this compass tattoo in L.A. And he just likes it.

Small Birds

Small Birds tattoo on arm

Little five small birds tattoed on the right arm.

Pac-Man Tattoos

Pac Man tattoo

Smily Face Tattoo

smily face tattoo

Tiny Skateboarder

Skatboarder tattoo

Louis used to do skateboarding back in the day when he was young.

Little Spider Web Tattoo

spiderweb little tattoo croped

Tiny Glob Tattoo

the Globe Tattoo

Little Bomb Tattoo

Little Bomb Tattoo

Tiny Camera Tattoo

Little Camera Tattoo

The Match Tattoo

The Match Tattoo

The Paper Airoplane Tattoo

paper Aeroplane Tattoo

Word ‘OOPS!’ Tattoo

word OOPs tattoo

Little Cup of Tea Tattoo

tiny Cup of tea tattoo

Tiny Horseshoe Tattoo

The Horse Shoe Tattoo

Big Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo

Louis has a big arrow tattoo pointing to the wrist on his right arm.

Tic Tac Toe Tattoo

Tic Tac Toe Tattoo

Quotation Mark & Infinity Rope Tattoo

Infinity Rope Tattoo

5 Tally Marks

The Match Tattoo

‘Bus 1’ Tattoo

Bus 1 tattoo

Word ‘RG’

Word RG tattoo

Bear Mug Tattoo

Tiny Bear Mug Tattoo

Louis has a lot of tiny and some big tattoos on his right arm. His right arm is full of tattoos.


Number ’28’ Tattoo on Left Hand Fingers

28 number tattoo

Number ’78’ Tattooed on Chest

number 78 tattoo on chest

Word Tattoo “It is What it is”

'it is what it is' tattoo on chest

Letter ‘E’ Tattoo on Left Hand

Letter E tattoo

Card Suits Band Tattoo on Left Hand’s Wrist

Card Suits Band Tattoo

Comical Penguin Tattoo

Getting Penguin Tattoo

Louis had a comical penguin tattoo on his lower back. And this is the only tattoo he regrets.

Big Bird Tattoo

Bird Tattoo on arm

Dagger Tattoo

Louis Tomlinson Dagger Tattoo

He got that tattoo after seeing it on different people and then he actually like the design.

Skull with Crossbones

Skull with Crossbone Tattoo

Word ‘Given a Chance’

given a chance tattoo

This word is from Kings Leon songs. He got that tattoo when he was younger before joining the band.

Word ‘The’ on Right Ankle

Word THE Tattoo on Ankle

Word ‘Rogue’ Tattoo on Left Ankle

Rogue Tattoo on Leg

This was the name of Loius’s band before the One Direction.

Spider Web Tattoo on Leg

Spider Web Tattoo on Ankle

Word ‘Far away’

Word 'Far Away' tattoo

On Louis’s biceps, he had a tattoo that says “Far away”. And this tattoo reminds him about his home, and family.

Little Triangle Tattoo on Right Ankle

Little Triangle on Ankle

Louis said it’s been a fun journey for him getting these tattoos and he didn’t take it seriously.