Top Girls Face Tattoos [Latest Design]

Face Tattoos for girls are not a new trend. This has been a part of human life for thousands of years. But now face tattoos have become more recognized in the mainstream. Women and Men both are having tattoos on faces. But let me tell you that, this is not an easy choice to make. Obviously it is bold choice for men and women.

But you know what, facial tattoos are still part of the life of many peoples. There are many traditions in different groups who prefer to get face tattoos to prevent some problems. Such as Berbers of north Africa have a tradition to tattoo on the face and they say it is means therapeutic care, even treat in some cases.

Girls Face Tattoos

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Before facial tattoos, you should think about this. If you want a beautiful tattoo then obviously you have bear pain. There are many places on the body that hurt very much when inked, and face is one of them. This is the most controversial area of the body to get a tattoo.

It will give an extraordinary look to your body. If you don’t know which design suits your face. So we have collected some great face tattoos for women. That you can see and choose the best design for your next tattoo.

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beautiful tattoos on face for girls

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Word + Snake Tattoo

Name Tattoo Above Eyebrow Females

Flower Tatto on Face Women

There are many types of flowers and each flower has different meanings. But different colors of the flower also has some unique meanings such as red flower symbolize a burning passion. Yellow flower can stand for jealousy while violet rose can mean someone who is shy and timid. And white flower designs is the sign of purity.

Mandala Tattoo Design

Mandala tattoo is a sign of persons who understands their sacred soul journey.

beautiful tattoos on face for girls

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