Christina Ricci All Tattoos with Meanings [Updated 2023]

Christina Ricci is a popular American actress and director. She has been in popular movies such as Pretty Woman, The Perfect Storm, Good Night, and Good Luck. She is well known for playing extremely sexy characters with a dark sense of humor.

If you are wondering where to find the most amazing and original Christina Ricci tattoos, then keep reading. You are about to discover some of the most unique and original tattoos of Christina Ricci. 


Christina Ricci, the Mermaid lady is an American stock personality. Better known as Mermaid due to her debut implementation. Her unrivaled appearance in ads won her flawless thanks during her first childhood as it had been. She’s a great monomania for tattoos.

Meanings of Her Tattoos

Christina Ricci Tattoos Feature Image

You see, Christina Ricci was a woman that did not care too much about her looks, but more about her personality. She wore whatever she wanted and it all worked out. Currently, Christina has a total of 8 tattoos all over her body. Let’s have a deep dive into her tattoos and find out their most probable meaning.

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1. Rib Cage Tattoo

Christina Ricci Tattoo on rib

On her left toned rib cage, she has a scripted phrase tattooed which reads, “Move or Bleed”. Too optimistic to get the grip, it really means either to walk to stay and become a victim.

2. Lower Back Tattoo

Christina Ricci Tattoo on lower back

On her sexy shot sacrum, only above her wrapping ups, Ricci includes a boutonniere of sweet peas. Sweet Peas was made from the Greek phrase “Lathyrus” which means heartbeat or pea. “Odoratus” on the flip side is a Latin term which means fragrant.

When it comes to flowery vocabulary, the sweet pea flower is related to aerial enjoyment or ecstatic pleasure or exodus or goodbyes or appreciation for its candy period and adios.

3. Swallow Tattoo

Christina Ricci swallow tattoo

Her womanish highlights are far more intense. Due to her appealing swallow tattoo. The tattoo was a picture used as part of the last by mariners to parade their cruising dairies.

It’s additionally reliable that when the mariner thumps over, the swallows will rucksack their soul to heaven.

4. Upper Back Tattoo

Christina Ricci Tattoo on upper back

A tattoo of Aslan the lion in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe publication on her top back shows a never-moving view. Lion has always been a sign of never-ending courage and fearlessness. Novels on precisely the exact same track represent the pursuit or search for knowledge.

5. Wrist Tattoo

Christina Ricci Tattoo on wrist

The celebrity has a flourishing tattoo with a fairy on her wrist.  This tattoo is emblematic of feminism. Fairies are creatures that are overburdened.  

6. Folding Hand Tattoo

Christina Ricci folding hand Tattoo

Close to the Chic midriff, Christina has inked two palms folded assumingly at a praying place. It somewhat resembles a bat also. It’s an ingenious sign of religion in love, calmness, or whatever individuals aspire to.

7. Foot Tattoo

Christina Ricci Tattoo on foot

Christina Ricci has a very interesting black-inked Mermaid tattoo on her foot. Her mermaid tattoo on her foot only abandons her lover’s awestruck. Mermaids are ladies of witchery, blandishing mariners with tempting excellence, artfulness, and sexy hypnotized songs.

8. Right Leg Tattoo

Christina Ricci Tattoo on thigh

Christina has one more very interesting tattoo but this time it is on her right thigh. On her right leg, she has a tattoo of her recently dead pet’s name “Jack”. Her tattoo states how she adored it.