Best Celtic Tattoo Ideas for Women & Meaning (2023)

There are multiple Celtic symbols and all of them have different meanings. Such as, Carolingian Cross, is a cross made out of four uniform arms. Claddagh ring, represents love, loyalty, and friendship. Celtic Tree of Life is a sign of imagination and intuition.

The Celtic cross, this symbol represents light or energy. The triskele is the sign of body-mind-spirit. Brigid’s cross represents peace and goodness. The shamrock is the symbol of luck and the Christian Holy Trinity. The trinity knot represents eternal, spiritual life and being.


If you desire a tattoo that has a symbolic meaning. Then there are a lot of choices for you. But one of them is getting a Celtic tattoo. Because it is a symbolic tattoo and there is a history behind this symbol.

Celtic history as a tattoo starts with warriors. They want to see their passions on their bodies. They also used these tattoos as a means of intimidating their enemies.

To the warriors, this was a war tactic that they found highly effective.


Here are some common questions to which most people want to know the answer.

What do Celtic symbols mean?

In the Celtic tradition, it was a three-pointed symbol that represented three-way unity. The Celtic version of the symbol features their unique knotwork style which means it is endlessly looping and interweaving. If you see a triquetra symbol with a circle going through it; it means it is a symbol of eternity.

Are Celtic symbols Pagan?

Celtic spirals that are clockwise are believed to have a meaning connected to harmony or earth. if they are anti-clockwise they are thought to be pagan symbols that manipulate nature. The meaning of the Celtic Triskelion is seen as a symbol of strength and progress.

Is the Celtic Cross Irish or Scottish?

It was found throughout Ireland and Scotland, Celtic crosses predate Christianity and were first used by pagans in the worship of the sun. In pagan times, the Celtic cross was known as a Sun Cross or Sun Wheel and was a symbol of Odin, the Norse god. Patrick is credited with introducing the first Celtic cross.


If you want to get Celtic Tattoo and looking for some inspiration then here we have collected some tattoo ideas which you might love.

1. Celtic Tattoo on Back

Celtic symbol tattoos on back


Celtic symbol tattoos on back


Celtic symbol tattoos on back

4. Celtic Tattoo on Back Neck

Celtic symbol tattoos on back


Celtic symbol tattoos on back


Celtic symbol tattoos on back

7. Small Celtic Tattoo on Leg

Celtic symbol tattoos on leg

8. Colored Celtic Tattoo on Shoulder

Celtic tattoos on Shoulder

9. Celtic tattoo on Stomach

Celtic tattoos on stomach