[Top 10] Best Tanning Lotions for Tattoos [2023]

We love our Tattoos, right? That is why we got them drawn on our skin. But new tattoo needs protection from many things including sun rays. So we need a shield to protect our precious tattoos from the sun. That shield is “A Good Tanning Lotion”.

However, A Tanning Lotion can be counterproductive to Tattoo. If it is not chosen carefully. But don’t worry you are at the right place, we have reviewed different types of tanning lotions for tattoos specially and have found the best and safe ones.

So, all you have to read this article and choose the best from the best lotions for yourself. You will see the list of Best Tanning Lotions below but first, we have to discuss a few things regarding tanning and lotions.

Tanning Lotions for Tattoo

How to use Tanning Lotion with a Tattoo?

As mentioned earlier that if not chosen carefully Tanning lotion can be counterproductive to tattoo. A new tattoo needs to be moisturized daily. But if you like to tan your body, make sure that you use a good Tanning Lotion. Many brands specially produce lotions meant for tattooed body. So the point is if you use a safe and good lotion there would not be a problem.

And we have tried our best to include Best Tanning Lotion that are both effective and safe.

Following is the list of Best Tanning Lotions for Tattoo.

1. Beauty by Earth Tanning Lotion

Beauty by Earth Tanning Lotion

Just like its name Beauty be Earth is famous for its most natural and safe without side effects products. It will help you to get rid of spots and orange palms. This product is safe for tattooed skin as well. It will get you a sun-kissed glow without even basking in sun for hours.

Start with a single application, but if you want to go darker just simply apply it the next day. This Self Tanner comes with two extra tools, an exfoliating mitt, and two applicator mitts.

First of all, exfoliate to make your skin ready for tanning and then apply it as a professional for the glow of your skin. These tools are designed to protect your skin. This tanner is perfectly safe for your face as well.

2. Devoted Creations Tanning Lotion

Devoted Creations Tanning Lotion

If you have sensitive skin, then this lotion is perfect for you because it is produced in a way that will take care of your skin and body and will make it glow without any side effects.

This Tanning Lotion will make glow even the driest and most sensitive skin. It is totally safe to use it with tattooed skin. This lotion provides skin firming and anti-aging benefits RevitaFit and Advanced Matryxl Synthe 6. This Lotion is not only effective in working but it is even cheap in price as compared to others.

3. Millennium Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning Lotion

This solid black lotion comes in 2 full-size bottles and is 100X ultra advanced silicone bronzer auto-darkening tan technology. It can be used outdoor, however, the manufacturer has advised to use it indoors.

The lotion’s scent is Orchid Blush and you would not have to waste your time washing your hands for half an hour. Its tattoo protecting shield makes it unique in the market. The manufacturer has taken care of sensitive skins during production, so no need to worry about side effects.

4. Supre Snook Tanning Lotion

Supre Snook Tanning Lotion

Get this skinny tattoo lotion to look more beautiful at weddings, parties, trips and anywhere you want. This will save your time by providing you with the tan without waiting for it in the beach for hours.

No matter if your skin is newly tattooed or sensitive enough its ingredients will take care of everything and will help your tattoos from fading. It does not contain artificial bronzers.

If you are a tingle lover then this lotion is created for you because it has the strongest tingle we could find. This lotion is time-saving as it does not require much of your time for tanning.

5. Ed Hardy: INK Tattoo and Color Fade Moisturizer

Ed Hardy: INK Tattoo and Color Fade Moisturizer

As it is apparent from its name that this lotion is specially made for tattooed skin and will protect your tattoo’s colour from fading. It contains vitamins, shea butter, and essential skin nutrients which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. After tanning your body will feel soft and will glow perfectly.

This product is an oil and wheat-free product. It has powerful anti-aging benefits with a great level of antioxidants. Its vitamins C and E will boost radiance and will prove the appearance of your skin.

Along with all features, its scent is not fruity or extremely high but it’s moderately Bourbon and Honey. Another feature that makes this lotion greater is its very affordable price.

6. Panama Jack SunScreen Tanning Lotion

Panama Jack SunScreen Tanning Lotion

If you love the sun and ocean but don’t have enough time to bask for hours then this product is designed especially for you. It is produced naturally with the tropical fragrance of fresh nature.

However, the manufacturer has advised to not to use this product outdoor as it may cause old aging skin. This Panama jack lotion is water-resistant and requires 80 minutes for tanning and is best for the use of rarely or never burn skin types. This lotion can be used with tattooed skin. It contains vitamin e which will take care of every type of skin.

7. Devoted: Mermaid Majesty Tanning Lotion

Devoted: Mermaid Majesty Tanning Lotion

Tired of hot summer? Check this out, it has a great cooling effect that will make you feel mint cool. This refreshing tanning lotion leaves your skin moisturized and very smooth. It gives you a SUPER DARK tan within minutes! It has a light fruity smell to make sure that you really enjoyed tanning. The lotion is safe and perfect for a tattooed body. The price of this product is also very affordable.

8. Snooki’s Girl Boss Tanning Lotion

Snooki’s Girl Boss Tanning Lotion

Just like its name this lotion is anti-aging. It combats the signs of aging by defying and tightening the blend of lotus and hibiscus. Its shea butter ingredient makes it useful for any sensitive skin. Algae and aloe vera protect tattoos from fading.

The natural bronzes deliver dark and streak-free colour of skin. The Snooki’s girl boss lotion also has a fresh fruity fragrance to make your tanning much better. Despite its other features this lotion is time-saving and will do you tan very quickly.

9. Ed Hardy Outdoor Coconut Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Outdoor Coconut Tanning Lotion

Sick of tanning lotions’ awkward smell? Try this! This coconut outdoor lotion will make you feel you are basking in the sun while providing the same natural results.

If you are a beach lover but want to save your time then I don’t think there is another better choice than this. Its natural ingredients will help your body to be tightened and perfect. And of course, it is also safe to use it with tattooed skin. It is safe to use it outdoor as well as indoor. However, be careful if you have sensitive skin as it may cause side effects.

10. Ed Hardy Sorry Not Sorry Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Sorry Not Sorry Tanning Lotion

Last but not the least, this Sorry Not Sorry is not only 50X Black Bronzing Dark Tanning Lotion but also protects your tattoos perfectly from fading or any side effects. No matter you want to use indoor or outdoor it is suitable for both, however, wash your hands after applying.

After using it you will feel your skin as smooth and very soft. Never let the lotion stay on your skin and rub it immediately after applying it, as it is a dark bronzer so it may leave spots on your skin.


Is it okay to use tanning lotion with tattooed skin?

Tanning lotion can be used with tattoos if the brand is selected carefully.

Should Tanning Lotion be used outdoors?

It depends on the brand, some lotions come for outdoors. However, skin experts and many manufacturers advise using lotions indoor.

Does Tanning have side effects?

Tanning may have side effects if you have sensitive skin and you are using some bad product with tattooed skin. However, we have enlisted all safe products with tattooed skin and have also mentioned which products are good for sensitive skin and which are not.


We have mentioned all the details with every product to make it easy for you to choose the perfect lotion for tanning. These lotions are safe for tattooed skin as the title of this article. However, if you are still confused with these products we will recommend “Beauty by Earth Tanning Lotion”. Thank you for reading.