(Top 10) Best Numbing Creams for Tattoos [2023]

There is not a bit of doubt that getting tattoos is painful. No matter if you are a boxer and getting your remarking tattoo on your 30th victory or you are a teen who is getting his/her tattoo for loved ones. The truth is it always hurts. So what to do? Well, here is a solution “Numbing Cream”.

Numbing cream makes the process of getting the tattoo nearly painless. It blocks the sensation of pain in the skin and makes it easy for everyone to get a tattoo. Its impact lasts for 2 to 3 hours and makes it easy to get your favorite tattoo.

But make sure that you ask your tattoo designer about the numbing cream before using it because some designers use the cream that they are familiar with.

However, if you are allergic to numbing cream then sorry dear, you will have to face the pain and remember that is what makes everything important and makes you stronger.

Remember why you are getting a tattoo and how beautiful you look after you have got finished your tattoo. Here is one thing that may lighten your pain, “Painkiller”. Do not hesitate to ask your tattoo designer to take breaks if the pain is so unbearable.

Best Numbing Creams for Tattoos

How to use Numbing Cream?

First of all, make sure that you are not allergic to the numbing cream. Then read the instructions written on the bottle carefully as different creams may have different procedures, after reading the instructions wash the part of your body completely on which you are going to apply.

Put on gloves and apply the cream. Never use the cream on wounded skin as it may cause serious infection. Remember, that all numbing creams are for external use only so never use them or touch your hands while using this product on your eyes.

Well, I think it is enough information about numbing cream for any user. So, the question is which numbing creams are best? Well, that is why we are here. Check out the list of best numbing creams that have no side effects below along with the details of each product and choose the one that seems completely perfect to you.

1. Hustle Butter Deluxe

Hustle Butter Deluxe

Hustle Butter is one of the numbing creams that have been recommended by most tattoo artists. It is very easy to apply and has a cream that has multi-use which means it is both a moisturizer and a numbing cream that makes it useable even during the tattoo is inked.

It can prepare the skin very fast for tattoos. The reason artists recommend it is that the needle moves smoothly on your skin. Its scent is quite interesting and contains mint, mango butter, and rosemary.

Another notable feature is it resists the redness of the skin and also bleeding and helps ink to enter the body perfectly.

Pros & Cons

2. Tattoo Goo Original Balm

Tattoo Goo Original Balm

Tattoo Goo is the artists’ favorite cream as well. Its antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients will help your tattoo to heal quickly. Its natural ingredients including olive oil and butter make the process of tattooing painless, prevent any itching, and moisturize your body.

Be careful during using Goo Balm don’t apply too much on your skin as it may cause problems in healing. Use as little as possible, because it is made to heal your skin very quickly even after using its small amount. Just use it enough that your body starts shining.

The thing which makes Goo Balm unique is that it is pharmacist developed and does not cause any skin irritation. So if you have sensitive skin just go for it.

3. Lidocane Plus Pain Relieving Cream

This cream has multiple purposes. Its basic use is to lessen the pain, especially for muscles and arthritis. However, it can also be used for getting a tattoo, as numbing cream. The product’s ingredients contain 4% of Lidocane.

The cream does not leave residue and isn’t oily. But the real problem with this product is that it may cause big problems for people with sensitive skin. It may cause infection for those with vulnerable skin. Its effect lasts for two hours so don’t worry if you want a single tattoo on your wrist or muscles.

4. Hand Hush Tattoo Numbing Cream

Hand Hush Tattoo Numbing Cream

Do you have sensitive skin? Don’t worry, because Hand Hush has developed this product with the help of Tattoo Artists and pharmacists. It relieves your pain during inking and prevents any itching and is safe to use for those who have vulnerable skin.

It contains great natural ingredients including aloe and botanicals which prevent redness and skin inflammation. Tell your artist to take as much time as possible to design your tattoo perfectly as it allows the time of 2 hours! It also speeds the healing process so you will soon get to show your proud tattoo to the world.

5. Ebanel NUMB520

Ebanel NUMB520

This super-fast numbing cream takes just 2 to 3 minutes for its application. It makes the process of getting a tattoo painless and prevents any kind of itching, burning, and soreness. Its ingredients including vitamin E and aloe vera make it safe for almost any kind of skin.

It is also recommended by many doctors. It is not oily and is odor free so don’t worry about irritation of smell. It reaches its peak after 20 to 25 minutes and lasts for an hour. Well, it is effect does not last for long as compared to other creams but it is perfect if you want to get just one or two tattoos.

6. Zensa Numbing Cream

Zensa Numbing Cream

One of the artists’ favorite creams as it does not bother them in their work and doesn’t constrict blood flow. Not only for artists but also for you (yeah, you are the one who is getting a tattoo) as it prevents any skin inflammation and pain.

Get it, if you want to get the falcon on your skin or you want to get much of your skin covered by a tattoo as its impact lasts for 3 hours! Interesting, isn’t it? The cream is made in the USA and can live its life of 3 years on the shelf.

It reaches its peak in 30 minutes. The cream contains vitamin E to make it safe for your skin. The manufacturer has advised to wash your skin with warm water and wait for five minutes before its application. Its application is as usual as others’.

7. Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine

Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine

As unique as its name it has unique features. This cream only takes 15 minutes to reach its potential and lasts for 4 hours, so don’t worry at all and tell your tattoo artist that takes as much time as you want and get me a perfect tattoo.

It prevents any kind of scratching, itching redness, and burning. Dr. Numb is recommended by many artists and skin specialists as well. The product has never been used on animals which makes it cruelty-free.

The product is compatible with the skin of the majority and has not received any complaints, however, be read the ingredients if you have sensitive skin.

8. Numb Master

Numb Master

It is not oily and is smooth. It takes 20 minutes to reach its peak and lasts for 1 to 2 hours so it is good for you to want to take a single or a short tattoo. It contains 5% of lidocaine and is safe for everyone and all kinds of skins.

Clean the treatment area with soap and warm water. The product has a long life as it contains a topical anesthetic. Consumers are in love with the product and recommend it to others.

9. Hush Numbing Cream (4oz (120Gram)

Hush Numbing Cream (4oz (120Gram)

This numbing cream lasts for 2 hours and is appropriate for sensitive skin as well. The Hush Numbing cream is oil-free and removes the hair at the place where you apply it. The cream reaches its peak in an hour. Its approval by the FDA makes it safer and more appropriate to use.

It will not ruin the tattoo ink as it does not reduce any kind of blood circulation. Artists like the product as it contains chamomile, comfrey, and menthol to soothe the skin immediately. As we asked the consumers and find out that they are totally in love with the product. This cream makes the tattooing painless.

10. Advanced Numb

Advanced Numb

The Advanced Numb contains 5% percent of lidocaine and is declared safe by the FDA. It reaches its peak in just 20 to 25 minutes and lasts for almost an hour. So be careful if you want to ink many tattoos then try the numbing cream that lasts for more.

The cream contains Vitamin E and moisturizes your skin. It does prevent the itching and redness which makes your experience of getting a tattoo painless. Here is the way to apply it, first of all, clean all areas with the warm water where you want to apply it then apply a thick layer of advanced Numb to the area.


How to use a numbing cream?

First of all, cleanse the part of your body with mild soap and warm water on which you are going to apply the cream. Then apply the cream and place a plaster over it to keep it in place. The cream will start its work after the provided time (depending on the product). Wash your hands properly after applying it.

Are there any side effects of Numbing Cream?

Well, the answer is Yes and No. If you have sensitive skin then you must be careful before using a product. Some products cause side effects and some do not. Which we have mentioned earlier. The precise answer is it depends on your skin if you have sensitive skin then some products are that may cause trouble for you. However, for your easiness, we have mentioned with every product whether it is suitable for sensitive skin or not.

What should I do if I am allergic to numbing creams?

Well, you can check the ingredients of the product, but with numbing cream, the thing is that all creams have almost similar ingredients. So if you just can’t use the numbing cream then my advice is to get a painkiller, yes it would not be as effective as a numbing cream but it would lessen your pain. And always remember the beauty of the tattoo once it is finished.


So far we have discussed the different numbing creams and their features and which one is perfect for you. As you can see with every product pros and cons are mentioned to make it easy for you to choose.

However, if you are still facing a dilemma between products then my advice would get the one that complies with your skin more than any other product. If the problem still exists here is the one that I found the best among all “Hand Hush Tattoo Numbing Cream”. Hope that would help. Thank You