Bella Thorne Tattoos [Updated 2023] & Meanings

Bella Thorne Tattoos are truly unique and inspiring. She has been a model for both Victoria Secret and Calvin Klein. Bella Thorne is well known for being beautiful and talented.

She was also a child prodigy and achieved an amazing amount of success in modeling. When she was eighteen, she started posing for photos at home. If you want to know how many tattoos Bella Thorne has? Then in this article, we have collected all the tattoos She got. Check out below.

Bella’s Tattoos

Bella Thorne’s tattoos also tell different stories. For example, some tattoos are based on her past work, such as “Mesopotamia,” which depicts a large map of the Middle East, with ancient cities. Other tattoos represent various stages in Bella’s career, such as “Vivienne Westwood,” which describes the artist’s style.

Bella Thorne’s tattoos depict both her physique and her personality. Her tattoos have many different meanings for different people. Some of her tattoos represent her artistic abilities. Others represent her role as a model.


Bella Tattoos is definitely unique. They are inspiring. Bella has given meaning to many of her tattoos. There is definitely something special about Bella’s tattoos, and the life she has lived.

Bella’s tattoos are very popular. People all over the world can recognize the name Bella and her tattoo. Her Tattoos are also in demand because of their ability to convey a message.

She has at least 10 tattoos (known & discovered) all over her body. Here they are:

1. “If Lost, Find Twin” on Foot

If Lost, Find Twin” Tattoo on Foot

Bella Thorne and her sister both have this on foot, in which Bella express “If Missing, Locate Twin”. The tattoo, which can be in all capital letters, can also be inked on Dani’s foot on the contrary one–therefore when the sisters put their feet together, the phrases are side by side.

2. Shoulder back Tattoo

bella thorne Shoulder Tattoo

Thorne tattooed the words “I Love You” on her shoulder In 2017. She debuted the tattoo in a topless selfie, which revealed that the words curved shoulders, directly over her boob.

3. A Small Grayscale Cat Behind Her Ear

A Small Grayscale Cat Behind Her Ear

In December 2015, Bella Thorne Got her first tattoo, a small grayscale cat behind her ear. It was done in a delicate single-needle style by the artist Dr. Woo. If you want to see more Behind the Ear tattoos then Check here.

4. Wild-Kitty Tattoo Across Her Calves (back)

Wild-Kitty Tattoo Across Her Calves

Throughout this Wild-Kitty Tattoo, Bella Thorne honors both sides, the wild one and the inner feline one. Revealing the story behind this story, She posted a photo on her Instagram saying self-explanatory?In September 2016, she visited Daniel, the artist, and got her fifth tattoo in a row.

5. Whiskers and Nose of Cat on her right index Finger

Whiskers and Nose of Cat Tattoo

In May 2016, Bella Thorne carved a tattoo of a cat’s Whiskers and Nose on her right index finger. Do you know, Bella is a very big cat lover and this tattoo was her second tattoo, after a small grayscale cat behind her ear, related to cats. If you are a fan of Bella Thorne and also love cats then you can proud of yourself. Because you and your favorite actress have similarities.

6. “93” on Her Left Forearm

“93” on Her Left Forearm

Bella carries a “93” number, red ink, tattoo on her left forearm. The story behind this tattoo of her is not revealed yet. All we know is this was designed by Jon Boy.

7. Heart Outline on the palm of her right hand

Heart Outline Tattoo on the palm

In May 2016, Bella got a heart outline tattoo, matching with her hairstylist and makeup artist Tonya Brewer, on the palm of her right hand. This tattoo was also done by the artist Daniel Winter. On her Instagram post, she thanked Daniel for keeping it simple while revealing this new tattoo.

8. Heart Outline on the left side of the Chest

Heart Outline on the left side of chest

In March 2016, Daniel Winter carved a small heart outline on the left side of Bella Thorne’s chest. While revealing her new tattoo, she wrote on Instagram “Love my little baby tat 🙂 follow @winter_stone to see the coolest tats!!!” According to her Instagram post, Her new heart outline tattoo represents love, acceptance, and happiness.

9. “B²” on her left wrist

“B²” Tattoo on her left wrist

In March 2016, tattoo artist Daniel again carved a new tattoo on Bella’s body but this time she was not alone. She and her best friend Bella Pendergast celebrated their friendship by having matching tattoos on their wrist.

This “B²” represents “Bella Squared” and they opted for this tattoo because they share the name Bella.

10. Crescent moon and two stars on Ankle

Crescent moon and two stars on ankle

In January 2016, Bella got a new tattoo while celebrating the 23rd birthday of her elder sister Dani Thorne. Bella’s tattoo is about a Crescent moon and two stars on her ankle while her elder sister Dani’s is a planet in the same location.

Final Words

Bella Tattoos can be very personalized. Many people choose to add their own personal touch to the Bella Tattoos by adding a special message or putting a special picture or image onto the Bella Tattoo itself.