Alicia Keys All Tattoos with Meanings [Updated 2023]

Alicia Keys is known as the “Queen of Rock and Roll”. She has achieved worldwide fame for her stunning voice. Her debut album, “Music videos have become her trademark, and she has even been nominated for an Oscar for one. She has a long list of awards including several Grammys.

Alicia Keys tattoos are just perfect for women who are looking for something special and original. With all the famous rock stars and celebrities who are always in the media, the trend of getting famous and stylish tattoo designs is becoming more popular among the girls of this generation.

It is very important to note that there are different types of styles for which these famous stars are known and including the tribal tattoo styles, tribal sleeve tattoo designs, and female tattoo styles.


Alicia Tattoos

Alicia keys tattoos ideas

In actuality, Alicia doesn’t have any real tattoos on her body. Jacci Gresham, a tattoo artist for more than 40 decades, said in an episode of “Lifers” on Yahoo Lifestyle, that years ago she brought the design for Alicia Keys’ tattoo but she didn’t ink the celebrity.

A number of Alicia Keys’ music movies have revealed her with some Kind of body tattoos or art on various parts of the human body. In her music video “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart”, a sizable butterfly-shaped tattoo is showcased on her lower back

She was also photographed at a stage with a clear fake on her lower spine forcing people to think for themselves.



As previously said, Alicia doesn’t have any permanent or real tattoo on her body. For shows and music videos, she used to get a fake tattoo on her body as per requirement. Let’s have a deep dive into the tattoos she had in the past and find out their most probable meaning:)

1. Lower Back Tattoo

Alicia Keys Tattoo on lower back

Well-known singer and songwriter Alicia had tattooed “Think 4 Urself” on her lower back. However, this tattoo was not a permanent one. The meaning and story behind this tattoo are not revealed yet.

2. Alicia Keys’ Husband Tattoo

Alicia Keys’ Husband Tattoo

When it comes to Alicia Keys’ tattoos then how we can forget the tattoo of her husband Swizz Beatz. While Creating an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show”,  32-year-old singer-songwriter Alicia Keys discussed in-depth about her life. 


Alicia disclosed her husband and favorite music manufacturer Kareem “Swizz Beatz” Dean tattooed her face on his arm.  She said, This may seem strange but I believe that the favorite gift he got me, was that he got a tattoo on his arm.

3. Back Tattoo

Alicia Keys Back Tattoo

Alicia had one more tattoo on her lower back. This tattoo was a structure of a black-inked heart. Just like the first one, this tattoo was also a temporary tattoo.

It is very important to note that there are different types of styles that famous stars like Alicia are known for and including tribal tattoo styles, tribal sleeve tattoo designs, and female tattoo styles.

The main reason why you should go for Alicia Keys tattoo designs is that it is unique and you can have a lot of choices (especially on your lower back).

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